Monday, July 18, 2011

baby perrin (fear vs faith)

today marks the first day of the third trimester. in less than 3 months, all these weeks of readying our lives for dramatic change will end and jani and i will set eyes on our son for the first time.

i think it was easy to fall into fearful thinking at the beginning of our pregnancy. first it was the unknowing if we could even get pregnant since this was our first child, which was followed with concerns for the health of the baby. it was a process to get to that place of complete faith in God's will for little perrin.

we had tried for a few months to get pregnant and towards the end of last year i felt like God was speaking to me the words "birthing" and "activation" for this coming year. i first took it as a word for us concerning ministry and our spiritual lives until my father began challenging me to begin claiming that word in the natural as well, saying that God would honor that word however far i wanted to take it. a couple weeks later jani and i arranged for both sets of parents to meet and pray for us concerning the potential pregnancy. that night peace began to overwhelm us concerning the issue and we were not surprised at all when the pregnancy test displayed a little plus sign the next month.

those first few months whenever fear would try to challenge me in regards to the birth of my son, God would remind me of the prayers of faith that led to perrin's conception and that He had ordained the birth of this child. the work that He had started, He would be faithful to complete. so, when people ask me if im nervous about having a baby in our living room with our midwife, i can say no and be completely honest about it.

we battle our fear with faith. it may be just a small faith at first but as we exercise that faith it grows and brings along with it a peace that surpasses natural understanding. its a peace not of this world. a peace thats grounded in a true dependency upon the Creator and Maintainer of all things. im not there yet but im starting to catch a glimpse of the supernatual life i was created to walk in and get a taste for the favor and grace thats available to me as i do.

i leave you with some of my favorite bodysuits for perrin that ive discovered thus far. your thoughts?

 (bring your own bottle)


  1. Those onesies are all really awesome, Eric. My fave is the mustache one and the one that looks like a sweater.

    So happy for you and Jani. Can't wait to meet your new little blacksmith.

  2. yeah, aka onesies. i guess the technical word is bodysuit.