Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a midsummer night's lungi

over 2 years ago i spent 8 months in bangalore, india for ministry training. i traveled alone to this land where i knew a single person to attend this thrown together school along with 7 indian teenagers, the majority of whom knew little to no english. needless to say, i learned much more from the culture than from the actual courses. i will most likely expound on this trip in future posts but i bring it up now to to shed light on one of the best of my indian discoveries, the lungi...

a lungi is essentially a wrap-around skirt that most men in the indian culture wear when lounging/relaxing. i brought several back home with me, yet i often forget that i have them. today when i ran out of clean shorts (that's not technically true since my wife seems to throw most of my clothes that still have several days of wear left in them in with the dirty laundry as soon as they leave my hand to form a nice "wear again" pile beside our bed) jani reminded me of my lungi stash that had yet to see the sun this year.

and so here i sit, loving life in my lungi. so thankful that God put jani and i on a little hill surrounded by trees and very few neighbors, for the majority of canton natives would verbally berate me until i was completely emasculated and emotionally castrated.

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